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I am currently a practicing attorney admitted in the States of New York and Connecticut as well as multiple Federal Courts and the United States Supreme Court.

I am the President of my own Law Firm as well as the Senior Attorney  with my family law firm.


While a ranking officer and attorney in the New York City Police Department,  I was tasked with heading up the highest level investigative units answering directly to the Police Commissioner, City of new York.

Additionally, I was trained at Cornell University in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) studies and was the Supervisor of Investigations within this unit for 3 years handling over 350 discrimination investigations each year.

During my tenure with the NYPD, I was a trial attorney at administrative hearings. My experience with trials, as well as administrative hearings,  is an asset that I can bring to the Fire District to afford members fair treatment as it relates to any disciplinary matters, EEO complaints, mediation's and investigations that may arise.


Consistency and fairness is crucial to running an agency.

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